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Available from Hayley, Schaeffler’s complete linear offering is one of the most comprehensive in the world, coupled with the latest technological developments in robotics offers the industrial applications an extensive product range to choose from. Typically, in the automation industry linear guidance systems are used, for example warehouses will have these in their gantry systems and since the 1980’s, Schaeffler has been setting the benchmark in terms of the highest rigidity, load carrying capacity, precision and reliability with its RUE linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assemblies. With outstanding technical expertise in the field of rolling bearing solutions for production machinery and automation technology, which is hardly matched by any other company, Schaeffler is now on their 6th generation of recirculating roller guidance system, the RUE…F.

Though this is the latest development, Schaeffler has the widest range of linear which any machine builder or design engineer will tell you covers almost all requirements, from shaft and track roller through to mechatronics and direct drive technology. As Schaeffler’s certified supply partner, Hayley has access to this broad portfolio of linear. With the technical capabilities from both sides a solution will always be found.

Although linear plays a huge role in the field of automation, this is only one sector. Anywhere where there is linear motion you will find a version of a linear bearing. In the machine tool sector linear product is used for the X, Y & Z axes using roller types for higher accuracy, higher load, smaller deflections and are better at absorbing vibration. For the printing industry you have the basic level of a ball and roller monorail guidance system.

In medical applications miniature guidance systems are adopted as these offer a higher level of accuracy though keep essential costs minimal. They would also use standard guidance systems for a range of different applications such as the arms of the supply units, operating tables, x-ray equipment, essentially anything that has linear motion.

We come into contact with linear motion in our everyday lives, each application has a very different requirement, for lifts and escalators that are continuously used, but a high level of accuracy isn’t required a track roller system would be used. To incorporate all of these varying applications a linear range needs to be versatile. Through Hayley, Schaeffler can supply this wide range and ensure the right product goes into the right application.

Though linear is a focus for these industries, it is important to know that these applications benefit from a fuller package, food and beverage is one of those industries.

Today with a growing population and urbanisation leading to more food demand; along with more packaging material needs due to the rise of online shopping and convenience food markets, the need for sustainable solutions is all the more important. This is where Hayley and Schaeffler can play a crucial part by providing not only the linear components for equipment, packaging machines, filling lines, conveyors etc. at the highest food safety standards, but also with the wider range of standard parts.

Particularly for machines in the food industry, special solutions are often required. Extreme temperatures, high mechanical loads, short cycle times, round-the-clock operation, and regular cleaning cycles require very robust components. Whether it’s for process automation in food and beverage production or the packaging industry, you need food compatible products, as well as adapted lubrication and seal concepts. Here Schaeffler offers a broad product portfolio including many food grade options including plastic housings and radial insert ball bearings along with food grade lubrication.

The whole lifecycle is also considered with the lifetime solutions offering, which covers products such as automatic lubricators and condition monitoring solutions. This, coupled with special materials like stainless steel and coatings such as Cronitect & Cronidur and ceramic balls for certain ranges means that together we can offer customers comprehensive solutions.

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