The Situation

An asphalt supplier had suffered a breakdown to a gearbox at their Lancashire production facility. The gearbox was soon discovered by the visiting Hayley personnel to be an OEM special with no obvious, off-the-shelf replacements available. The OEM had quoted a six-week leadtime on delivering an identical gearbox to the customer.

With losses owing to the stoppage to production rapidly mounting-up, time was of the essence in finding an alternative.

The Solution

The Hayley team on-site with the asphalt plant’s engineers arranged a quick virtual meeting with personnel from the dedicated Hayley Drives division, to discuss the situation and ask for their guidance. The impromptu meeting was productive, with Hayley Drives recognising the customer’s requirements and a proposal was swiftly drawn-up.

A key supply partner of Hayley Drives for gearboxes of a similar type was able to help. A suitable gearbox was configured and sent directly to the customer’s plant within 24 hours of the site visit.

The Result

Hayley, with the support of the gearbox manufacturer (supply partner), had a replacement unit identified, sourced, configured, and delivered in a 24-hour period. This represented a significant time saving when the OEM had previously quoted six weeks before they were able to fulfil the customer’s requirement.

Calculations based on a six-week long disruption caused by the breakdown totalled £197k in potential lost revenue for the plant. This costly lengthy production stoppage was avoided, thanks to the activity reported in this case study.