The Sentinel Series of bearings in both NTN and SNR brand offers superior quality and optimal safety for applications where contamination carries a threat to bearing service life and the safety of product including food processing and aggregates.

Pre-lubricated with patented solid lubricant, categorised NSF H1, the Sentinel Series is now available from Hayley.

  • Lubricated with NTN food-grade solid lubricants (NSF H1-approved).
  • Resistant to high-pressure washing.
  • A solution against grease leaks.
  • 100% stainless steel construction, ensuring corrosion resistance.
  • Insert sealing, combining a silicone seal and shield to further prevent contamination and water ingress.
  • Optional protective covers available, creating another barrier against contaminants and mould.
  • Reinforced nitrile seals prevent seepage and offer excellent resistance to outdoor pollution.
  • Bearings without re-lubrication as inserts are greased for life, meaning no maintenance intervention is required.
  • Re-lubrication-free operation extends bearing service life, reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), and improves environmental sustainability.

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