The Situation

A major asphalt plant in Lancashire had suffered a breakdown to one of their Rossi gearboxes. The failed unit was the main drive on-site and production had come to a total standstill as a result. The customer’s Regional Engineer quickly got in touch with the team at Hayley Cumbria who immediately set to work on sourcing a solution. Once a like-for-like swap of the unit was ruled-out due to an unworkable, six-week lead-time quoted by the manufacturer, time was of the essence.

The Solution

The team at Hayley Group’s specialist Drives division were informed of the customers’ exact requirements, and they promptly designed an alternative gearbox that would use the customers’ existing input bush. Meanwhile, the input bush was sent to the Hayley 24/7 engineering centre where it was delicately disassembled, before being incorporated into the assembly of the new unit back at Hayley Drives’ facility.

The fully-assembled new unit was designed, assembled, and delivered back to the customer in just twenty-four hours.

The Result

Thanks to the prompt actions of all Hayley Group teams involved, the customer avoided a six-week leadtime on a replacement gearbox that was central to their operation. This non productive time would have lost the asphalt plant around £200k in revenue.

The new gearbox was specified and assembled by Hayley Drives, the original input bush disassembled and sent back to Hayley Drives for assembly before being delivered back to site the very next day. All of this was coordinated by the customers’ local branch. A terrific example of teamwork and the specialist knowledge and capabilities that Hayley Group has at its disposal.