The Situation

A requirement was identified by the Health & Safety team at a large plastic product manufacturing facility, for raising awareness of potential risks on-site. A focus on the safe use and maintenance of high pressure fluid power systems was deemed to be a key element to this. As the customer’s supplier of many fluid power components, from pneumatic cylinders to hydraulic hoses and valves, the local Hayley branch was contacted for assistance.

The Solution

The team at the local Hayley branch recommended a two-day course for all appropriate engineers and on-site staff, run by Hayley’s own fluid power division through the Hayley Academy programme. Appropriate dates were put into the diary for the delivery of the High Pressure and Fluid Power Safety Training course.

When the date came around, a specialist trainer from Hayley Fluid Power visited the plant and carried-out the training sessions.

The Result

Twelve staff members participated in the training which was delivered as a mixture of theoretical and practical sessions over the two-day duration of the course. These staff are now more aware of the risks and hazards associated with high pressures and the fluid power equipment on-site, and are more confident in carrying-out their work in a safe manner.

With increased awareness among the workforce, accidents are now less likely to occur and risk the safety and wellbeing of staff and the productivity of the factory.