The Situation

A site producing dairy products such as butter and cheeses was spending significantly on compressed air to power their pneumatic systems. The site’s local Hayley branch arranged for a specialist engineer from the Hayley Fluid Power team to visit and conduct an air leak detection survey.

The Solution

Using the cutting-edge Ultraprobe 3000 ultrasound device, the Hayley engineer completed a comprehensive survey of the pneumatic system on-site. Readings were taken for all leaks that were detected, with the decibel level of each leak extrapolated to calculate a cost. All leaks were also photographed and tagged accordingly.

Using the factory run times provided by the customer’s engineering team, a final total was arrived at. Other opportunities to reduce the factory’s consumption of compressed air and electricity were also explored, including the installation of the unique and commercially-proven Hayley Pneu-Saver, which recycles compressed air that would normally be exhausted from the system.

The Result

The total annual cost of the leaks found during the survey was £62,480. If the customer was to choose to fix the leaks, this would cost  £2,787. This means that the air leak detection survey not only provided an opportunity for a significant cost-saving, but also a compelling pay-back period of just two weeks.

Should the customer proceed with the recommended fixes, not only costs will be reduced but also the operations’ carbon footprint. The well-being of those working around the leaks will also be improved with leaks representing a risk to ear health.