The Situation

During a Hayley site evaluation survey where the chief aim was to identify opportunities where a meat processing factory could improve energy efficiency, it was noted that a number of hydraulic cylinders in-use were now obsolete.

The Solution

Hayley contacted the OEM of the hydraulic cylinders and were quoted around £30,000 to update the obsolete components with the latest like-for-like alternatives. Understandably, the customer was unsure about the benefits of updating the cylinders prior to them running the course of their service lives.

As an alternative solution, Hayley offered to design and produce replica cylinders that could simply be swapped for the current components once ready. This option was accepted by the customer and the process of producing the new cylinders was put into action.

The Result

For the design and manufacture service provided, Hayley charged £4,558. This represented a significant cost-saving in the region of £25,000, for the customer. Since the new-design cylinders have been operational, no problems have been reported.

Hayley also provided the initial site survey completely free of charge.