The Situation

The hydraulic presses at a cider-producing site in Gloucestershire were at risk of suffering performance issues and mechanical failure. Hayley were contacted for advice and the local branch promptly arranged a visit by the Hayley fluid care vehicle.

The Solution

The Hayley team took a sample of the hydraulic oil from the press and conducted on-site particle analysis as well as bottling a sample of oil for analysis by HYDAC under laboratory conditions. Particles were found to be present in the test, and once the sample had returned back from HYDAC, it was confirmed that a very high level of contamination (>4μm), was present. This contamination was putting the machinery at a heightened risk of suffering performance issues, unnecessary component wear and even premature failure.

A HYDAC MFU-15 mobile filtration unit was supplied and a HYDAC technician delivered training to operators to ensure that the new hardware continues to work effectively in removing particulate contamination from the system for the foreseeable future.

The Result

The customer was made aware of the high levels of contamination in their hydraulic fluid by services provided both on-site by Hayley and at the HYDAC laboratory. By acting swiftly, a mobile filtration unit was installed and is now removing particulate matter from the oil before it has the chance to enter the press and cause issues around performance, mechanical wear and reliability.

The MFU hardware has removed the need for the customer to replace their current hydraulic fluid and perform a full drain, saving them time and money. The unit has helped to improve the reliability of the press, drastically reducing the risk of the press suffering premature failure.