Hayley Group has been working, as an organisation, to shine more of a light on the often hidden value that it delivers to its customers on a daily basis. Part of this increased focus has produced a wide variety of case studies retelling jobs and projects where Hayley has helped to identify or alleviate a customer’s problem. TrackUp, a programme championed by parent company Descours et Cabaud, has enabled Hayley personnel to recognise, record, and report ways in which value has been delivered, repeating this process to build an impressive library of success stories.

Through TrackUp, Hayley staff are able to record where value has been integrated into a transaction, with this then shared with colleagues across the Descours et Cabaud network in Europe and further afield. The aim of this is to promote best practice and satisfy both contractual requirements and the genuine desire of customers to see that their suppliers are providing valuable goods and services. Many current TrackUp records showcase where goods, services and the technical support offered by Hayley and their manufacturing supply partners have combined to assist customers in reducing costly operational downtime, becoming more environmentally sustainable, and securing considerable cost-savings.

To spearhead the organisation’s integration with the TrackUp programme and refocusing on the value it provides, Hayley has recruited a new member of staff, Darren Owen. Darren has 20 years’ of personal experience of working with customers operating within industries including general manufacturing, food and beverages, and mining and
quarrying, to overcome the diverse challenges that they face. His new role will be crucial in the successful implementation of what is a long-term business strategy for Hayley Group.

The promotion of TrackUp within the group has already began in earnest with the external sales staff attending the recent sales conferences being introduced to Darren and the many benefits of using the system. Training sessions to educate staff further on TrackUp and how to identify where value has been delivered or opportunities for future value, will also take place in the coming weeks, with Darren leading these sessions.

Darren commented, “I’m thrilled to be in-position at Hayley Group. I’ve spent my first few weeks getting to know staff from across Hayley, including the National Accounts team and so many sales staff from across the branch network. During these initial weeks it’s become immediately clear that our staff put the customer and their experience of Hayley at the heart of what they do, and this is the perfect starting point for ensuring TrackUp is integrated properly and able to succeed. TrackUp will enable my Hayley colleagues to recognise where the true value lies within each transaction, and it’s a fantastic way for us to record this value and share it with others within both Hayley Group and the wider Descours et Cabaud community.

"Darren will be joined by Rachel Jackson who has been working in Hayley Group’s National Accounts team since 2019. She said of her experience, “In my career at Hayley and prior, I’ve found that having a focus on value not only benefits customers, but the business too, as it increases barriers to competition and helps support customer relationships.” She added, “I’m so excited to get out there and meet my Hayley colleagues in person and listen to their stories about going above and beyond for their customers, which they do day-in-day-out, and help support and give a voice to the great work everyone within our group has done, and continues to achieve.”

Joint Managing Director of Hayley Group, Ben Noakes said, “Darren has been brought on-board to help drive the importance of recognising the value that we deliver to our customers day-in-day-out, and we wish him every success.” Fellow Managing Director, Gary Quinlan added, “The TrackUp approach represents an integral component of our business strategy moving forwards, and we look forward to seeing the programme become fully integrated within Hayley over the course of the next twelve months and beyond.”

You will find a selection of our documented case studies within our Media Centre.