We continue our journey as the UK’s No.1 MRO specialist


Since 2016 Hayley Group has been an integral part of the global industrial and construction supply group Descours et Cabaud, operating under the industrial division of DEXIS Europe. An organisation with a deep history dating back to 1782, with over 15,000 staff and a combined global sales turnover of over 5 billion Euros. Being part of a larger pan-European group has continued to facilitate unprecedented levels of investment; enabling us to leverage scale while reinforcing our industry-leading local customer service.

You will start to notice changes in the way we look over the coming year as we phase in our new identity. This covers all Hayley Group Limited companies including; Bearing Man Limited (BML-Hayley), Advanced Maintenance Supplies Limited (AMS-Hayley), and Mercury Bearings Limited.

During 2024 and beyond we will be making steps to align our identity, and that of our subsidiaries to become HAYLEY DEXIS. All legal entities within the Group will utilise the trading name of HAYLEY DEXIS, but will retain their legal name for the foreseeable future. All invoices will be issued retaining their current legal name but detail t/a HAYLEY DEXIS. Any agreements or contracts currently in place will remain unchanged or affected by this identity update.

You can rest assured while we update our identity, our branch and divisional operational capacity remains unaffected. We continue to build a business fit for the challenges of tomorrow through building on our founding principles of the best local stocks, industry-leading customer service, and retaining the best people in the industry.

We look forward to having you with us on the next stage of our evolution.


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