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Commercially-proven new-to-market technology that will reduce your compressed air consumption by a minimum of 45%*.

The Hayley Pneu-Saver has the ability to connect any number of existing double acting pneumatic cylinders with no loss of overall performance. All savings are verified using state of the art electronic air flow meters, providing transparent ‘before and after’ compressed air consumption data.


Once installed, the Hayley Pneu-Saver has the ability to reduce our customers' carbon footprint and cutting their energy spend, enabling a short payback period.


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Hayley Pneu-Saver Demo Video


The Pneu-Saver demo is conducted by Hayley Fluid Power's Pneumatic Product Specialist, Mark Edwards.

Still undecided? Learn more about the Hayley Pneu-Saver by downloading the product bulletin from our Media Centre.

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    Hayley Pneu-Saver Makes award-winning impact at global supply-chain solutions provider

    Compressed air is an essential energy resource, but misuse and wastage incur unnecessary cost and negatively contribute to carbon footprints. The client was using compressed air to move and lift pallets and crates at their Birmingham service centre. The system required a high amount of energy to run, and a significant portion of this could be saved.


    Find-out how the Hayley Pneu-Saver™ helped our customer to reduce their environmental impact and secure energy cost-savings (and even won the Engineer who promoted it internally an award!), by downloading the case study.