The Hayley Pneu-Saver is unique, commercially-proven technology. It has been developed by expert pneumatic engineers to dramatically reduce compressed air consumption. The device can be fitted to any number of double-acting pneumatic cylinders, capturing and recycling compressed air that would ordinarily be exhausted and wasted.


  • Reduces compressed air consumption by a minimum of 45%.
  • Connects to any number of double-acting pneumatic cylinders, with no effect on performance.
  • Recycles air back into the system that would normally be wasted.
  • All savings are verified using state-of-the-art electronic flow meters, providing full transparency on savings data.
  • Captures air from the non-working stroke of the pneumatic cylinder.
  • Air is stored in the air receiver and controlled by the Hayley Pneu-Saver to return the cylinder at a lower working pressure to its rest position.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Reduces carbon footprint.
  • Full payback usually achieved within months, delivering excellent ROI.


If you used compressed air, the Hayley Pneu-Saver could help you to cut energy usage and slash your operating costs. Register your interest in a FREE CONSULTATION today, by clicking the button below:



See the hayley Pneu-Saver in Action!

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Maintenance Essentials Issue 7

The Hayley Pneu-Saver features in Issue 7 of our Maintenance Essentials magazine. Click the button below to view the flipbook or download a PDF copy.