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Grease is a fundamental factor in keeping machinery up and running and ensuring your production operations go without a hitch. In terms of overall maintenance budgets, grease only represents a small portion, and this is one reason why its importance is often overlooked.

Selecting the correct grease for the application is the critical first step to realising total cost of ownership cost-savings as the right grease helps to improve productivity, cut maintenance spend, and reduce the risks associated with unplanned downtime. A premium-quality grease will enable you to run your machines for longer with less downtime, and that is where the high-performance Shell Gadus range comes in. In this article, I wanted to explore some of the main reasons why you should consider Shell Gadus the next time that you are looking to purchase grease.


1. A comprehensive Product Offering

The Shell Gadus range is a comprehensive family of products, containing both multipurpose and speciality greases. This means that there is a grease for every application and one suitable for the majority of possible operating environments. The multipurpose greases from the range can help to simplify your product inventory and also purchasing processes, as they can perform reliably in many standard applications such as bearings carrying low loads at high speeds, electric motors, and fans.

When selecting a grease, there are four properties to consider; thickener type, oil viscosity, its NLGI grade (consistency), and the conditions it will be operating in. To ease this selection process, Gadus products’ naming conventions reflect these properties. For instance, for Shell Gadus S3 V 460 D 2, S3 relates to performance (the higher number the better), V (thickener guide), 460 (viscosity grade), D (special conditions), and 2 references the NLGI grade of the product.

Speciality greases within the range include Shell Gadus S3 V220C, offering extra protection for applications with high ambient temperatures and those under extreme loads. Shell Gadus “Q” greases are specially-formulated for use in noise-dampening (quiet) applications, while “GadusRail” greases meet all European and American railway specifications, making them the perfect choice for many train manufacturers and railway operators.


2. Enhanced wear protection

One of the primary objectives of industrial grease is to protect the surfaces of metal components, forming a fluid barrier to keep them apart and stop friction from causing excessive wear. Shell Gadus products offer effective wear protection, no matter the application or conditions. With enhanced wear protection on equipment like bearings, chains and couplings, their service lives can be maximised, prolonging maintenance intervals and reducing breakdowns that harbour the risk of costly downtime periods. Prolonging asset life is fundamental in making the most out of your investments, and by choosing Shell Gadus, you can be rest assured that you have a grease product that will support you in these efforts.


3. Longer grease life

As with improving the protection that it offers your equipment, selecting the right grease product for the operating conditions is also critical in maintaining its performance and prolonging its own life. The longer that a grease lasts, the longer that your machinery will perform well without any interruption, reducing relubrication frequencies, waste, and the costs and time associated with regularly having to buy and apply more grease.

The comprehensive Shell Gadus range provides you with the choice to select a product with an expected service life that meets your own operational needs. For example, customers using Shell Gadus extra-long-life synthetic technology have been able to double the life span of their grease, thanks to its ability to deal with a wide range of temperatures, heavy loads and resist washout better than other products.


4. Supported system efficiency

To help your equipment to perform to its design standards, you need a grease that stays in place and provides effective protection and lubrication where you need it. Good oxidation stability is required to support the efficiency of systems as it helps to avoid grease drying out, hardening and forming deposits, something which can occur often at high operating temperatures.

Shell Gadus greases are designed to help maintain or even improve the efficiency of your systems. From greases that offer reliable performance for standard applications to specialist low-noise, high-temperature and heavy-load greases, there is a Shell Gadus product that can assist in the efficient running of your machinery and lower your overall costs of operation.


5. Effective application with Lube-Shuttle®

Shell Gadus high-performance greases are now available for the innovative and user-friendly Lube-Shuttle® screw cartridge system. The compatibility with the system enables an application method that is both clean and efficient for the user. Common complaints associated with traditional grease guns, including the tendency for their use to be messy and time-consuming, are counteracted by the Shell Lube-Shuttle® device. Instead, it’s quick and easy to load, use, and clean, with minimal leakage from the cartridge during application enabling near-to total consumption of the grease every time.

As greasing with the Lube-Shuttle® is quicker, safer, and less messy, it will no longer be a job that simply gets skipped, meaning that fewer problems occur as a result of inadequate lubrication. Once the grease cartridge is spent, all materials are also fully capable of being recycled, minimising impact on the environment.


Hayley Group is an authorised distributor of Shell lubricants. This means Hayley customers across the UK have access to genuine Shell products stocked at our national headquarters and at their local branch. To find your nearest branch, use the branch finder tool.

Maintenance Essentials Issue 8

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