Hayley is proud to service the UK aggregates sector, counting many of the industry’s most prestigious names as long-term customers. Every day, we provide these businesses with the components, consumables and valuable support services that are key to the effective and profitable running of their operations.

The industry is synonymous with harsh working environments, with many challenges faced by machinery, equipment, and staff alike, including; high speeds, heavy loads, vibration, contamination, and the variety of hazards faced by workers on-site. At Hayley, we combine the stock, service, and the expertise of our people to enable customers to overcome their challenges and enjoy many benefits as a result of our partnership.


1. Maintaining Operations

In an industry that commonly measures output in thousands of tonnes, it’s little wonder why maintaining uptime is so vital. Downtime caused by mechanical failure is something to be avoided, with production and revenue taking a considerable hit with every passing hour.

a. Local stocks of critical components

Stock is at the heart of everything that we do. With £34m worth of engineering components and consumables including bearings, fluid power, drives, power transmission, lubricants, tools, and PPE, held in stock and 60% of this ready for same and next-day delivery or collection from our branches, we have you covered in the event of a breakdown. If the product isn’t in stock, we have agreements with many of our supply partners, enabling us to expedite delivery times. Our focus when a breakdown happens is to react quickly and get customer’s operations back up and running with minimal downtime suffered.

b. 24/7/365 repair and refurbishment

Should a failure mean reactive maintenance is required for electric motors, gearboxes or pumps, we offer 24/7 repair and refurbishment services. The team repairs our customer’s assets and also improves their energy efficiency, extends service life, and conducts a range of tests and diagnostics too. Our engineering services are not only there for reactive maintenance, but also planned and predictive maintenance activity, supporting our customers from their main workshop in Dudley and satellite base in King’s Lynn.

c. Enabling predictive maintenance

Avoiding critical assets reaching the point of failure is key. That’s why we support operators of mines and quarries to implement effective predictive maintenance through condition-based monitoring solutions. This could involve cutting-edge Bluetooth sensors providing a live stream of performance data for remote analysis, or regular laboratory sampling of fluids vital to the functioning of components within your plant.


2. Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)

In many cases, the purchase price is only a small portion of the total cost. For example, the capital cost for an industrial pump is often around 5% of the total. The experience of our staff, based across the UK branch network, in the field, and within the specialist product teams for technical products like pumps, enables us to recommend the most cost-effective solution based on TCO calculations.

We use a consultative approach, working alongside customers to get a thorough understanding of the application and its requirements, before specifying a solution that reduces energy consumption, failure risks, and ultimately, TCO.


3. Improving operational efficiency

Inefficiencies across your many processes can add up to a significant waste of time, money, and effort for the business.

a. Products for better processes

As a trusted supply chain partner and service provider to the mining and quarrying industry sector for almost fifty years, we understand where process improvements can be made. Innovative products from quality manufacturers known for efficiency improvements such as split bearings and automatic lubrication systems are frequently specified. Hydraulic hose enjoys widespread use in the industry, and we have also worked with many customers to install fully-stocked hose cells, enabling replacement hoses to be assembled on-site, preventing lengthy downtime, and removing the need to call out expensive mobile repairers.

b. Smart inventory management

Our SmartVend industrial vending solutions provide tools, PPE, and consumables at the point of use and offer automated reordering, reducing ‘walking and waiting time’ for engineers and time spent sourcing and restocking inventory items. SmartTime, our stores management system, also works to optimise on-site stock profile and dramatically reduces stores administration.


4. Improving safety

It’s not just equipment and processes that need care and attention. In an environment where hazards are apparent at every turn, ensuring the safety of the workforce is crucial.

a. Head-to-toe PPE offering

Our branches stock key personal protective equipment from trusted manufacturers, and this is supported by a healthy stockholding and a team of PPE specialists back at our Halesowen HQ and out in the field. We’re here to provide staff with the PPE they need to do their job in the safest and most effective way possible, and to ensure your business is compliant with all of the latest regulations and guidelines. Our PPE Open Days are also available to those who want to see the latest product innovations up close before signing-off on an order.

b. Training with safety at its heart

Tailored pneumatics, electro-pneumatics, and hydraulics training courses, delivered by time-served fluid power experts have also been a huge success for our customers. With a core focus on the safe use of equipment, the sessions educate learners on hazards and how to minimise risk when working on or around machinery. Delivered as a mix of classroom-based tutoring and hands-on elements, our courses act as a good introduction to new starters or as a refresher to more experienced staff.


5. Reducing environmental impact

We are always looking to assist our customers with meeting their sustainability and decarbonisation goals. Businesses right across the spectrum are under increasing pressure to improve their environmental credentials and those operating in the mining and quarrying sector are under some of the most intense scrutiny.

a. Save energy with innovation

Energy-saving upgrades are a common way that we help. From upgrading electric motors to the latest efficiency standard to switching diesel-fuelled equipment to electric, we can help reduce energy consumption and shrink your carbon footprint. Specifying variable speed drives or our unique Pneu-saver technology, capable of reducing compressed air consumption by forty-five percent, are also proven to cut energy use and costs, while reducing environmental impact.

b. Sustainable products

Our purchasing teams are also committed to sourcing and stocking innovative lines made from ethically-sourced, recycled, or biodegradable materials or those offering sustainable packaging options from safety eyewear made from recycled fishing nets to high-performance oil capable of decomposing with no harm to the natural environment.


At Hayley, we’re not content with simply providing products to our customers. Instead, we strive to always assist them in overcoming their challenges with comprehensive solutions, and aim to deliver value with every transaction. Speak to a member of your local Hayley team today. Head to our online Branch Finder to find all of the contact details you’ll need.